This section of my site is currently under major construction, and I do not have any of the movies completed at this time. As I get them finished you will see that the title will become available as a hyperlink. Currently I have the movies listed in the order they were released, starting with the earliest, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I will have the year it was relesed in parenthesis beside the title. So even though you can't see all of the information yet, at least you have a detailed list. Check back often because I am working on this section all of the time. Thanks

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Pinocchio (1940) Fantasia, (1940) Dumbo (1941) Bambi (1942) Saludos Amigos (1943) The Three Caballeros (1945) Make Mine Music (1946) Fun and Fancy Free (1947)
Melody Time (1948) The Adventures of Icabod and Mr. Toad (1949) Cinderella (1950) Alice In Wonderland (1951) Peter Pan (1953) Lady And The Tramp (1955) Sleeping Beauty (1959) 101 Dalmations (1961) The Sword And The Stone (1963)
The Jungle Book (1967) The Aristocats (1970) Robin Hood (1973) The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh (1977) The Rescuers (1977) The Fox And The Hound (1981) The Black Cauldron (1985) The Great Mouse Detective (1986) Oliver & Company (1988)
The Little Mermaid (1989) The Rescuers Down Under (1990) Beauty And The Beast (1991) Aladdin (1992) The Lion King (1994) Pocahontas (1995) The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (1996) Hercules (1997) Mulan (1998)
Tarzan (1999)

Disney and
Pixar Movies

Toy Story (1997)
A Bugs Life (1998) Toy Story 2 (1999)

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