Well I've decided to offer an award to other disney fansites like my own. So take a look at the awards I offer and fill out the form and see if you can win. :) I love to give people things so as long as your site has something to do with disney and is well-organized than you can't lose. There are a few rules though:

Well that's about it figure out which award you would like to recieve and fill out the form, and I'm on my way to look at your site :)

Winners of my Awards:

Welcome To My Tiggerrific Page
A Bug's Eye View
Daisy's Anthill

award1 award2 award3

The Form

The form will take you to another page, just use your browsers back button to get back here. If you can't get the form to work or just don't want to use it than send me your name, e-mail address, site name, and address and which award you would like in an e-mail. Send it to star183718@aol.com

What is your name?

What is your e-mail address?

Website title?

Website address?

Which award would you like?
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