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Hello, and Welcome to my humble little place on the web. As you have probably already noticed I have a major love for Walt Disney animation. I have loved Walt Disney movies all of my life, now granted that hasn't been an over abundance of time, I'm 16. But I know that I will continue to love Disney all of my life. My site is hopefully very easy to navigate and contains a little something for everyone. To navigate through this site use the menu to the left of this text. Check out the wonderful life of Walt Disney, see my pages dedicated to Disney Animated Movies. I also love Disney Heros and Heroines so you can check out my pages dedicated to them. There is a huge graphics section and much more. So take of your shoes and stay awhile, and if you want to learn a little more about me then click the About Me link at the top of the menu. Have Fun!!! Also while your here why don't you sign my guestbook I love knowing who has been here, or just view the guestbook and see who else has been here. Also in an attempt to make my site more easily navigable I've added a text menu at the bottom of each of the pages in this site. Hope that helps. And have a pleasant visit :o) Bookmark my site if you want to :) Things are always being updated. Thanks

My First Award

My first award,
Thank you Heidi!!

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